Why web designers often turn to DJ software and become bedroom DJs

There are a lot of skills needed to be a successful web designer. You need to be extremely good in the IT department obviously, you need to have a creative eye and be able to spot something unique a mile off. You are designing websites that will be promoting people’s businesses so you need to understand how to connect to an audience on a mass level. As well as, you need to understand the tricky intricacies of code and also have the patience to see a difficult project through to the end. Every single one of these skills can also be considered important when it comes to making it as a DJ.

The days where the likes of Fatboy Slim needed a room chock full of vinyl and record players to create his tunes are well and truly over. Now, the only tech you need to make it as a DJ is a laptop and some DJ Software. This minimal level of equipment has resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of bedroom DJ’s, and you will also find that many of these will have come from a IT type role in the past. As mentioned previously, the skills needed to be a successful web designer are actually directly related to becoming a successful bedroom DJ, and if they had the opportunity to do it why wouldn’t they? Nobody ever became famous from designing websites, it’s a lonely job. Sitting behind a computer all day squinting at codes and dealing with customers who don’t have any idea what they’re talking about and are literally asking you to perform miracles because websites just don’t work like that. It can be infuriating, and also pretty boring after a while, therefore being able to use the skills that you already have and put them to good use in a profession that is a whole lot more exciting and fun is a huge temptation for many.

One of the ways that the web designers turned bedroom DJ’s are succeeding is by creating internet radio stations and hosting them directly from their bedrooms. As well as, thanks to the rise of social networking and sites such as SoundCloud and Myspace, it is easier than ever before to share mixes and also to raise your profile and find people that genuinely like your sound.

Web Designers, Not Sleeping Can End Your Career

Working in an office is tough. Much time is spent sitting in front of a computer, tackling real-world problems that require a special set of skills. For web designers, healthy sleeping habits may not be a priority, especially if the project requirements involve long hours or tight deadlines. If you’re a web designer, however, you should understand why it’s so important to sleep well if you want to continue working in a grueling, challenging, workforce. Here’s why web designers need to be sure they’re getting enough shut-eye.

You’ll Have Vision Problems Without Enough Sleep 

Staring at a computer screen for long hours is bad for the eyes. What’s worse, web designers look at images and small text, which exacerbates the problem. Without enough sleep, you can bet finishing a programming job will become increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible even with a few cups of coffee. Better to get more sleep every day than try and cram in more hours for coding jobs.

Creativity is a Must for Web Designers

Web designers need to be creative. To be a good web designer, you have to be a good problem solver. Being a good problem solver means you need to think outside of the box, especially if you’re going to use Javascript to create impressive animation for a client’s website. You can’t be creative unless your mind is sharp, well-nourished, and well-rested. Save time and frustration later by giving up a few hours for coding and catching up on some sleep. Better yet, invest in one of the best memory foam mattresses to improve the quality of your sleep too.

Web Designers Need Lives Too

Web designers have lives too. Being a good web designer means being a good team player and knowing how to solve problems. That means you have to live a life other than someone who works in an office for excessive hours. By constantly looking for more programming jobs, you’re missing out on great opportunities that allow you to improve your coding skills and network with awesome people. Instead of trying to fit another five hours into an eight hour work-day, consider scheduling a conference visit, trying out a boot camp, or write a blog post or two about your coding experiences. People enjoy working with people with stories to tell.

Everyone likes relaxation and being a web designer is challenging enough. Do you want to risk such a rewarding career over neglecting sleep?

Web Designers, Better Drink Your Morning Brew

Web design is challenging. Web designers work long hours. Web designers know that making it through the day may be impossible without a high dose of caffeine. Whether or not a web designer can complete an assignment by the deadline may depend on how much coffee he or she drinks. Here’s why web designers appreciate one of nature’s most popular beverages when the clock is working against them.

Coffee is a Great Tasting Beverage

Coffee tastes great. Oftentimes, the best web designers will run into a problem where no easy solution is readily available. They’re required to be patient and concentrate until they can use their skills in Javascript, HTML, or CSS to solve the problem. This can be frustrating and having a tasty cup of coffee nearby eases the pain of knowing the deadline is rapidly approaching.

Caffeine Keeps You Going

Coffee has caffeine. Caffeine can stay in someone’s system for ten hours, sometimes more. For a web designer, one cup won’t do the trick. Web designers may drink a cup of coffee before lunch break, a cup while on the phone with clients, and a couple more before the end of business. Coffee keeps a web designer’s brain motivated, sharp, and focused. Without coffee, a web designer may be unable to complete a project by the deadline. Many modern tech offices have some of the best coffee machines planted on the work shelf since they are valued so much.

Who Doesn’t Like Coffee?

Everyone loves coffee. In many cases, web designers work in teams, with different designers completing different tasks with the goal of completing the project in a timely, coordinated fashion. They’re all drinking coffee. What better way for a web designer to show he or she is a team player by keeping a fresh cup wherever they work? Publicly drinking coffee is like wearing a sign that says, “Hey, I know what it takes to work in an office.”

Web design is tiring. Web design can be frustrating. Web designers need coffee. Without an unhealthy dose of caffeine, web designers won’t last long in today’s fast-paced office environment.