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The Importance of Taking Breaks and Keeping Hydrated During Coding Sessions

One of the most lucrative professions out there today, millions and millions of people all over the world are getting into the career field of programming and coding – but a lot of them are putting their shorthand long-term health in jeopardy every single step of the way.

Sure, programming and coding isn’t exactly the most dangerous profession by any stretch of the imagination (it isn’t nearly as dangerous as the military or law enforcement, for example), but there are lots of hidden risks that the overwhelming majority of folks simply aren’t aware of.

It is critical that you make sure you do everything you can to avoid and overcome these risks. Keeping hydrated, taking regular breaks, and being smart about the way that you schedule your workflow will help make sure that you stay happy and healthy over your entire coding career.

Here are a couple of things you’ll want to remember about taking regular breaks and staying hydrated during your marathon coding sessions!

Your focus isn’t infinite

Even though there is something “romantic” about the idea of burning the candle at both ends and coding like crazy all throughout the night to achieve a big breakthrough, the truth of the matter is that without regular breaks that split up your time programming and coding you’re going to really destroy your focus and invite more mistakes into the mix.

Unless you love the idea of having to go through each and every line of code that you have written to track down bugs and mistakes you’ve made when your focus was divided or worn down, you’re going to need to make sure that you schedule regular breaks from all the action.

A good rule of thumb is that you take 15 minutes off for every 45 minutes of work you have done. This will give you a quick refresh, help you unwind, relax, and “detox” and allow you to get right back at it relatively quickly with a renewed focus that you’ll need.

Dehydration causes fatigue and confusion

Dehydration attacks each and every one of us, but is one of those “invisible” problems that most of us are completely and totally unaware of.

In fact, researchers believe that close to 75% of all adults go through every day dehydrated, simply because we don’t drink enough water on a regular basis. This dehydration is going to cause a world of fatigue, a lot of confusion, and (in the long run) really cripple your health.

Shoot to get 2 L of water into your body every day – and if you can drink even more than that on a regular basis, you will be even better off. Of course, it is also wise to have a water softer system installed in your home to ensure that the water your are drinking is free from contaminants.

It isn’t a good idea to stay sitting down all day long

New studies show that there are significant dangers to sitting down all day long and leading a truly sedentary lifestyle. In fact, some of them say that these dangers are just as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes each day.

Unfortunately, programming and coding is a career field that will naturally have you sitting on your backside most of the day, so there’s nothing you’re going to do about that unless you get your hands on a standing desk system.

This is just another reason why you’ll want to take regular breaks so that you don’t cripple your health while building your career.

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